Adding Yarrow to the Menu

Adding Yarrow to the Menu

Curious about trying yarrow in your cooking? Watch this video to see how we make yarrow-infused potatoes and a flavorful yarrow dip adapted from Fern's recent(ish) book!

Honestly, life got in the way of the posting of this video for quite some time. But during that time these recipes featured on our table more than once. They are quite delicious and simple to make.

The book they are adapted from is "Wild Magic" by Fern Freud (affiliate link) and it is lovely little volume. Let us know if you'd like to see a review on it in the future!

Here the yarrow is just starting to bloom now! I'll definitely be refreshing my stash this year. Perhaps I'll revisit the yarrow focaccia we made in our previous video too. Yarrow kindly sticks around for most of the growing season.

Take a little time today to explore new ingredients that are in your very own backyard.