Easy DIY Fizzy Drinks

Easy DIY Fizzy Drinks

This is a super simple way to make yourself an endless combination of refreshments for minimal cost. Satisfy that craving for a fizzy drink, have control over how sweet you want it, and try all of the flavours you've collected throughout the season from the wild or your garden!

Here are a few things I'm planning to try in my fizzy drinks: lilac jelly, fireweed jelly, rose hip jelly, linden blossom syrup, spruce tip syrup, crabapple jelly, rose petal syrup, chokecherry syrup, blueberry jam, cranberry jelly...the possibilities are endless!

What will you try?

The Idea

  • A bit of your jelly, jam or syrup (great for jellies that didn't set t00!)
  • A bit of citrus juice (optional)
  • Fizzy water of your choice (a flavoured can, soda stream, club soda, seltzer)

Essentially just mix them all together (gently so as to avoid any mishaps) and enjoy!

Chill the drinks with ice cubes (remember those floral ones from our first episode?) or with some frozen fruit or berries!

Note: Drinking them out of mason jars like this is super fun and convenient!

A few flavouring ingredient options: