Lee Valley Unboxing

Lee Valley Unboxing

I’m changing it up today & inviting you to geek out with me and my mail. As it is harvest season and almost my birthday I splurged a little on a couple items.

Lee Valley is in no way sponsoring this video but I did want to point them out while I’m at it. I’m in no way an expert on the company but I can tell you that they are a family owned Canadian business that serves customers globally. They carry all sorts of neat projects that you will love if you’re into DIY or just like spending time in the kitchen, garden or wood shop. And to take it a step further they offer in-person workshops, I made a spice rack at one of the locations and they have tons of virtual content too. I just realized that they even have some foraging videos as well as gardening videos with Ashley, The Soil Scientist ( @Gardening In Canada ) who I recently discovered and enjoy.

Okay, let’s see what we got!

Lee Valley  (@LeeValleyTools)
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Ashley Labrecque (The Soil Scientist) - gardeningincanada.net @GardeningInCanada

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