Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow

Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow

March is nutrition month in North America, making it a favourite for dietitians!

This year marks the 40th anniversary for us in Canada and the theme focuses on how dietitians are using their skills and expertise to create change for tomorrow.

Food security, food literacy, food sovereignty, & sustainable food choices…these are all ingredients in a sustainable food system.

Those might seem like kinda big concepts, so what might you want to do on a personal level?  Hmmmm…….

So…..basically subscribe to my channel, watch all our videos, and try out every project!

Okay, it’s not the only path to a healthier future but I’d be happy to help you on your journey.  And whoever you follow on your nutritional journey, please make sure they are someone qualified to give advice like a Registered Dietitian and that you support your favourite creators by subscribing, sharing or liking their content.

Together we can all work towards a healthier tomorrow.  Happy Nutrition Month!