Oh Christmas Tea!

Oh Christmas Tea!

This Christmas why not create this festive tea blend and enjoy it with your friends and family throughout the holidays?

We've put together a spruce needle chai recipe that's perfect for warming you up on chilly winter days! It features delicious natural flavors from spruce needles, juniper berries, candied ginger, and more! Or feel free to customize it with whatever you have available.  

Spruce Needle Chai

1 cup spruce needles,
1 Tbsp dried orange peel,
1 Tbsp cinnamon chips,
1 Tbsp cardamom pods (lightly crushed),
1 Tbsp star anise pods (lightly crushed),
1 Tbsp candied ginger (chopped),
1 Tbsp juniper berries (lightly crushed)
1/2 tsp of peppercorns (lightly crushed).

Combine and place into a sealed container.

Note: If you have a live tree handy you can use fresh needles for this recipe too but you’ll need to use the blend within a few days and allow for airflow.  Just make sure your tree hasn’t been treated with any chemicals.

To make your tea:

  1. Steep one tablespoon of the tea blend in 1 cup of near boiling water.
  2. Infuse for 5 to 7 minutes, and then strain into your mug.
  3. Sweeten with a little honey if desired.