Chilled Clover Tea

Chilled Clover Tea

In this video, join us in exploring the wonders of backyard foraging as we embark on a refreshing summer adventure.

It's time to elevate your summer sipping experience with a DIY refreshment straight from your backyard! Harvest your own clover, and with a little creativity, transform it into a delicious summer sip that will amaze your taste buds and impress your friends.

Free refreshments await!


  • 1 cup clover flowers
  • Extras, pineapple weed (optional)
  • 4 cups boiling water
  • Lemon juice or sweeteners, to taste
  1. Place flowers (& extras) into a glass jar. Pour boiling water over top.
  2. Steep for 30+ minutes. Strain & chill.
  3. Add lemon juice or sweeteners if desired. And serve!