DIY - Pallet Compost Bin

DIY - Pallet Compost Bin

New video is out: Our previous composting video looked at vermiculture also known as composting with worms. It’s a great option for those with an apartment or small space to compost in.

But if that option makes your skin crawl and you’ve got a bit of outdoor space & a DIY spirit, then stay tuned to see how we reused pallets & other scrap materials to make a handy compost bin.


Our Process:



-3 pallets -2 unskilled labourers
-landscape fabric -drill
-2 gate spacer scraps -hammer
-2+ gate channel boards -staple gun
-brace(s) -saw
-nails/screws/staples -safety gear
-gate board(s)
-PVC pipe with holes

Choose your location:

  • Choose somewhere that is easy to access regardless of season
  • Avoid areas of full sunlight
  • Avoid placing directly under trees, runoff can impact root systems
  • Consider where you want to move your finished compost

Create a frame using the three pallets:

  • Square & secure them as best you can.  
  • It will help if your pallets are all the same type.

Wrap frame with landscaping fabric:

  • Much of our project was based off another YouTube video from Simplify Gardening. He recommended wrapping with floor protection. After much searching, we came to the conclusion that this product is not sold in our area.
  • We believe this should: Help the pallets last longer, keep compost tidily in the bin, encourage extra composting energy from sunlight, retain moisture in the bin.

Add your gate spacer scraps:

  • Screw these strips to the front of your frame.
  • Their purpose is to make a gap so that you can later slide in gate boards for the front of your bin.
  • Be sure that they match, and that they will be thick enough to accommodate the boards you wish to use as your gate.

Add brace(s):

  • These will prevent your bin from warping under pressure.
  • We added a brace to the bottom of the bin, but you may wish to add more to your middle &/or top portions.

Attach gate channel boards:

  • Attach a board(s) on top of the gate spacers
  • In our case we added 2 shorter boards to each side, but if you have a single longer board for each side that work just as well (or better).
  • These boards extend out to create the front of the channel that will hold in your gate boards.
  • Fasten with several screws to provide good support

Drill holes into a PVC pipe:

  • Dig a small hole in the center of the bin & place your pipe inside.  Secure the base with soil.
  • This will allow you to better distribute moisture throughout your bin if needed.

Add your gate:

  • Slide your gate board(s) into the channel you created!

Congrats!! You've made yourself a compost bin!

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