The Importance of Bugs

The Importance of Bugs

Bugs are important! In this video, we're going to explore why invertebrates are so valuable and how you can help rebug the planet.  

First we'll try eating our first insects and then we'll talk about a few of our thoughts in relation to the book "Rebugging the Planet: The Remarkable Things that Insects (and Other Invertebrates Do - And Why We Need To Love Them More)" by Vicki Hird

We'll explore the ways that bugs play a role in the environment and the Earth's ecosystem, and we'll see how we can help them. Join us in our discussion about bugs and their importance!

A Butterfly in Japan 

A Few Things You Can Do:

  • Be a "lazy" yard keeper!  Don't rake your leaves in the Fall, and leave plant stalks in the ground (or at least 8-24" of them).  Leave areas of your yard to get shaggy.  Don't remove dead wood.
  • Reduce food waste! This playlist might have a few ideas for you ;)
  • Give the bugs good PR! Share photos of insects or be a citizen scientist with the iNaturalist app.
  • Grow native plants & wildflowers to provide better food sources.
  • Don't use pesticides or traps.  Mint and other plants can deter certain insects without harming them.
  • Be a smart consumer. Buy only when you need to. Avoid single use items. Reduce, reuse, recycle.  
  • Reduce noise & light pollution.  Consider having LED lights on a sensor, or softer solar lights in your yard.

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