Easy Winter Weekend Project

Easy Winter Weekend Project

A fun winter activity that is great for all ages, gets you outdoors and costs almost nothing!

Use items foraged from nature to create something beautiful for your yard. Nature is considered the 4th pillar of health next to nutrition, exercise & sleep!

It’s recommended you get 2 hours of outdoor time each week (20 min per session) for optimal health. And your friendly Deep Woods Dietitian can now officially prescribe it. Stay tuned for how to get a consult. ;)

2 hours a week, 20+ minutes at a time. Research shows that people who spend at least 2 hours per week in nature report significantly better health and wellbeing. When it comes to the mental-health benefits of nature, science suggests that the most efficient drop in cortisol happens between the 20-to-30-minute mark. Hence our 20-minute rule.

What counts as nature time? Health benefits start to add up whenever patients feel like they've had meaningful contact with nature, whether it be sitting on a park bench or hiking up a mountain peak. This makes the process of setting green-time goals client-centred and self-directed.