Sweet Alchemy:Honey Infusions

Sweet Alchemy:Honey Infusions

After the whirlwind that is the holiday season perhaps you are ready to take a little time to sit and relax? Perhaps this pair of videos about infusing honey with flowers, herbs, and spices for unique flavours will be just the ticket!

We explore the use of simple ingredients coming together to create something extraordinary. And as usual we made sure a couple of ingredients are foraged finds you can locate in your own backyard.

Learn how you can easily spice up your honey jar and add a whole new twist to your favourite sweetener. And while we’re at it you might pick up a few facts about honeybees, and beekeeping in the Canadian prairies.

Then by popular demand, we completed a thorough taste testing of each infusion with our special guest, Jane.

Jane & Charles add thoughtful commentary for each infusion, capturing the nuances of each honey blend with a genuine appreciation for the craft.

Tune in and discover the sweet sensations that stole the show!

If you are looking to use honey in the place of sugar, here is a handy converter: